VTNE Veterinary Technician National Exam Study Guide

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VTNE Veterinary Technician National Exam Study Guide

What is inside the VTN EXAM?

The VTNE exam is a national exam conducted to see the ability of an individual to take and act as a veterinary technician.

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and there is a specific time limit to solve these questions. The exam is being written by veterinarians and veterinary technicians so you need to grip solid over the questions. The paper covers the vast range of animal treatment and especially the knowledge of cats and dogs treatments.

It tests the candidate’s knowledge in seven areas, including pharmacology, anesthesia, surgical assisting, laboratory procedures, diagnostic imaging, veterinary dentistry, and general knowledge.

What is on the Exam?

Here is what can be inside the exam which you need to learn more and have a solid grip over. Some abbreviations are basics according to the metrics, US customs, symbols, basic metrics, units of time, and other abbreviations which include examples of a body system or the parts.

How to sign up for the VTNE exam?

The easiest way to sign up for the exam is registering yourself to the exam official site then logging I to the profile you are assigned, there we go. After registration, you will be emailed the application and after that all processes you can now access the profile given to you and that’s again the same for registering yourself.

Who are eligible for taking the VTNE?

The most well-known and certificated degree in most of the states after graduation as a veterinary having an accredited program by the American or Canadian Medical Association. Keeping in light, in three U.S. states alternate training is allowed. For the details of the state, you are from you need to visit the officials and see their requirements.

VTNE Study Guide

The majority of the people chooses to opt for planning their study guides but for the easier ways here are some breakdowns which will help you in gripping over the exam more like a pro;

Go through guides

Start the studying by reading about the exam through articles or the guides available online and even on the official site of the Veterinary Technician exam. This will help you grabbing over the exam more and make it easy in passing it. The articles will make you understand the exam complicity through the eye of others and experts in this matter. The guidelines also play a vital role when it comes to how to solve the exam.

Purchase the Books

There are many books which are available online for free of cost as well on payments, it depends on you how you are thinking to plan it out. Purchasing the books not only will help you out in passing the exam but instead will help you in your professional life as well. The books cover vast knowledge on Microsoft and thus have practice exams and exercises as well.

Video tutorials

Try to take online video tutorials to have lectures regarding the subjects. This is how you can clear your queries and concepts more. These tutorials do not restrict you to take them at a specific time thus you can study for the exam anytime you feel like.

Courses related to the exam

Online you can find many courses which are specially designed for this exam and with proper keywords you can find these. These are purposed designed courses for detailing directly to veterinary education, have a briefing on every topic through these courses.

Instructor Training

Now comes when you have done the book and course reading and learning, you need some experts guiding you not only how to attempt the exam but instead clearing the concepts of yours. This also will help you get a view of the exams and how to answer them correctly through an expert eye. There are record lectures or even live lectures that you can add to your study plan. The choice is yours how you look forward to the planning part.

Test series

After the preparation part has been done, you need to test your skills more and more and to keep the confidence more take part in online series of exams and tests which can be sponsored or non-sponsored ones. Keep the exam score more in these exams so you can easily score a safe rate in the actual exam.

What is the ideal time for studying for the exam?

In order to earn the certificate of the exam, you will need to first get approval from the course of study, such as a vet tech-prep program. This ideally takes around two years for the completion of the study program. As soon as this part is done and you are graduated, you can now apply for this exam.

This exam is not like studying for hours and complete in the weeks and get it cleared. You need ample time for this and its completion. Plus it also needs your graduate degree for sitting in the exam.

What is a passing score for the VTNE exam?

The passing score of the Veterinary Technician National Exam varies from state to state. As some of the state’s policies for the VTNE is a score from 200 to 800 with the passing rate set at 425. For other states, they have revised scores range from 0 to 100 with a passing rate of 90.

What is the cost of the VTN exam?

The cost of the exam has to be paid after the application form and thus it will be unlocked afterward the application is submitted.

Here is the link to which you can open the application and look at the price as it is an official site and no third party is involved;


How many questions are present on the exam?

The VTNE exam consists of 200 multiple-choice questions covering the very vast and advanced knowledge of the animal treatment, their body structure, and more about their anatomy. These questions are quite an amount and thus try your best to keep your head down for the questions which might stumble your head. Practicing from the test series or the experience from the work you have will help you on the exam day.

How long do I take to complete VTNE?

The exam givers are given around three hours to complete the whole exam consisting of 200 questions. This is enough time for such several questions but you might face difficulties in managing the time if you are not to practice it less on your studying days. Keep up with the focus of managing time and instead of cramming the books try to have concepts cleared.

Is the vet tech exam hard?

The exam is not only considered to be difficult for sitting in the exam but also requires a graduation degree. It will play a jump start before you can begin your career as a licensed, certified, or registered veterinary technician

What happens when you fail the exam?

If you have failed the exam on your first attempt the still no need to worry or think otherwise. The policy allows you to retake the exam four times a year. The only way is you will need to pay the registration fee every time you fail it and only need to submit your transcript once.

For the fifth time, you have failed the exam, now you need to contact the officials for retaking the exam. They will guide you to all the other possible ways for retaking the exam.

Do you have to repay the exam fee if you fail?

Sadly, you have to pay every time you fail the exam. The fee which has to be paid is the registration fee and nothing else. You can retake the exam for the next four times and if failed for the fifth you will still need to pay for the exam fee but needs to contact the officials for the procedure now.

What are alternating exams?

There are listed alternative exams for vet qualifications;

  • AAU VET.
  • AIPVT.
  • RPVT.
  • OUAT.

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