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Last Updated On: June 2023

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US Insurance exam: Everything you need to know about it

What are the requirements for the exam?

Well, it is nothing to worry that they might have set a high level of standard in order to take the exam. All you need is a high diploma and VOLA! Here you go, other than that you need to register yourself, pay the fee for the exam, and get the exam details. Lastly keeping thing in mind that what is your state requirements will help even more in passing the exam like a legend.

What is the exam format?

The exams like these have timed and choice based questions which are part of the exam. This entirely depends on the state you are taking the exam. The number of questions, the time is given, and the eligibility criteria.

What are the number of questions in the exam?

There are around 50 to 180 questions in an exam which you are to solve with the thinking, learned concepts, and may they be critical thinking based. Some are even mathematical too.

Is the exam Computer based?

The exam format is computer based and thus you need to land the right answer to every question without leaving any option. Every question carries one mark and you defiantly do not need to miss a chance to gain even a single mark in order to pass it.

What are the topics coming in the exam?

Here is the following list of the topics in the exam;

  • Life insurance general knowledge
  • Life insurance policies
  • Policy riders and options in life insurance coverage
  • Life insurance tax issues
  • Annuities
  • Annuity policy tax issues
  • If you are taking a combined exam, there will be health insurance topics as well

What is the price of the exam?

The fees for the course enrollment is displayed on the official website. There are different categories. Bundled Courses and discounts are also available. There are many study tools mentioned on the website with their prices accordingly. This gives you the benefit of selecting as per your choice. Linking the website below so you can have a look at the fees;


What if one fails the exam?

Thinking that it might take a lot of time for the results to be out? Well, the results come on the same day, and you are informed while being in the exam center, and thus you have to wait for the next 24 hours to retake the exam. You can retake the exam three times a year. If you fail to pass all three times, you will have to complete pre-licensing education again from the start before you can take it for the fourth time the following year.

How to study for the exam?

The whole study plan depends on how you choose to set the material for yourself. Here are some breakdowns of the best possible ways to carry out the study plan;

Get the exam outline

To check the right form of the exam and what will be a part of the exam, you will need to do the research on the state from which you are about to take the exam. Look for the course outline for better preparations and getting to know how to achieve the target market.

Design the study plan for better understanding

Life insurance exams do not need your cramming at all, it is not recommended. Instead, have a practical plan wider to your study time over several weeks, and is easy for you to carry out and study wisely. A study package can help you stay on track so you don’t cram at the last minute.

Follow the outline of the exam

Keep a deep driving outline in front of yourself to pass the exam successfully. Do a little research on the way the exam is about to come.

With more practice, achieve more

Every good way to pass the exam without rushing into it requires a healthy amount and ample time of practice for making you grip over the exam well. This comes only from quite a good practice which includes online exams, test series, and webinars to be a part of.

Keeping your confidence high during the exam and before it

In order to keep the confidence on the point while sitting in the exam center needs the sweat in peace, you need to practice more on your own so on the exam day, you know how things will work for you and how will you manage the work.

What is on the US Insurance exam?

It consists of multiple topics covering the vast site of insurance parts. Here are the following list of it;

  • Life Settlements.
  • Group life insurance.
  • Retirement plans.
  • Life insurance needs analysis/suitability.
  • Social Security benefits.
  • Traditional whole life products.
  • Interest, market-sensitive/adjustable life products.
  • Term life.
  • Annuities.

What is the passing rate for the US Insurance Exam?

As it is considered to be an easy one and any in their first attempt pass it if they have gone through a proper study procedure rather than cramming the syllabus still there is a fixed passing rate which is likely to be 60 to 67%. Though other states like Maryland have a very less rate which is 40% and Wyoming, it is the highest at 87%. Well now you know where to take the exam, am I right?

What is the ideal time for studying that is suggested?

Do you want to stick to the ideal time suggested by the expert? Well, it is still okay, choose the way you like it. Well as it depends on the work material you have gathered for yourself and the plan you have made. The suggested time period is around 35 to 40 hours.

How difficult is the exam?

Exam difficulty depends on the policies, passing rate, number of questions expected to come, topics included in the exam, and how much are you prepared for the exam. This exam is considered to be likely easy one to pass it and according to results, many people do pass it in the first attempt so nothing to worry about that you will fail or may not be able to access it. The policies and the requirements are also easy which makes it easier and the coverage of the topics is also easy so it is a winning situation for you to take it and pass in the first attempt.

How to earn the exam?

Complete any pre-licensing schooling needed by the state you need to get authorized in. The number of hours you’ll need to finish and the expense change by state. Note: A couple of states don’t need pre-licensing schooling, so before you start the cycle for your state, check with the state’s protection association.

Finish the state protection permitting test for life coverage or life and health care coverage. A pre-licensing test arrangement bundle can help you in achieving the exam more smoothly and in a less time frame.

Pass a record verification. The cycle differs by state and, now and again, incorporates fingerprinting. These are the requirements to see if you are fit for the exam and you got a clearer background, as these exams required a clean person with no crimes.

What is the time to complete the exam?

The exam contains a total number of 50 to 180 questions and it solely depends on the number of the questions which are coming you need to solve, so that the ideal time is one hour and 50 minutes but if the questions are to be more than the time may exceed. This time is sufficient enough for you to solve the given amount of the questions as well it makes the exam easier because it is computer based. So the writing time is saved.

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