SCRUM Exam – What you need to know in order to pass it effectively

Last Updated On: December 2023

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SCRUM Exam – What you need to know in order to pass it effectively


The Agile Scrum foundation provides a certification on the scrum and agile to make you master of both practices. Enhancing the ability to develop and deliver high-quality products and put in Scrum concepts on the job.

What is the Exam Format-

You might think that the exam is going to be a quite strenuous task to carry out but to your relief, it is the easiest and convenient exam you can ever think of giving. The format goes like this, you will have 35 multiple choice questions and for that, you need to correctly answer 24 questions or more.

You can take the exam even after two-day training sessions and clear it like a pro. The test requires one hour to complete it but the fun point is you can pause it, bookmark the questions to review later, skip questions, restart the test as many times as required. After you click the submit option, the warning message appears to confirm you can still cancel it and redo the test.

The bonus point is as soon as you enter, the score appears. Easy enough, right?

What are the Eligibility Requirements-

There is no certain requirements set for the exam, still it is appreciated to have some deep understanding of the principles working knowledge of all the scrum process. The applicant is advised to understand the roles of product and development. This is an requirement to pass the exam successfully and to not waste the money again and again to get through the exam.

What is the Enrollment procedure of Exam-

There is no fancy work to enoll in yourself in the exam program, get registered to the exam by making an account and choosing the online courses as well. That’s how you make an account for the exam. The exam dates uploaded on the account.

What is the passing rate-

The exam is nothing like SAT or PMP we usually take but a deep driving knowledge of Agile process still not to worry because it is just a simple exam with 50 questions and to correctly answer 37 out of them.

Means the passing score is 74% or more high. You will be shown with your result and passing score as soon as you click on the submit button, VOLA! You are done with the exam.

What is the pricing system-

There are two levels of PSM which costs accordingly such as, PSM 1 for $150 and PSM 2 for $500. Same is for the PSPO exam, there are two levels. PSPO 1 is for $200 and PSPO 2 for $500. Now comes the PSD exam which costs $200 and SPS for $250.

The Scrum offers the best certificated exams which can be a life changing.

Exam Cost-

The CSM Exam cost is $50 and this is automatically added in the cost of workshops you will have to attend for the exam preparations. If you are thinking to skip the workshops this means you are planning to lose your money as well. You can avail the opportunity to take the workshops and get the inside view of the system, learn it, and know what is inside the exam.

How much is the Preparing Time required-

Depending on the person who is taking the exam, though it is an easy one as you can take the exam as soon as you complete the two-day training program. Still, the experts recommend you at least have a 21 contact hour of training in the associated agile practice and states that you must have 2,000 hours of experience in the general project.

There are different courses being accessed on the website which need your registration in order to get the preparation started. These courses take time for completion as well and as soon as you complete them you can sit in the exam.

The time for preparing for the exam cannot be determined as such but the assigned assignments are for 30 minutes of completion time, which again is added in the preparing time.

What Exam is based on-

The current edition of the Scrum Guide and Scrum Alliance Learning Objectives, the test is based on it. The majority part of the exam comes from learning objectives. Keep it in a mind that you can pass the exam very easily only by making good notes out of these sources.

What can be Exam Preparation Style-


To pass the exam without any hustle it is advised to attend he workshops the instructor checks your attendance and informs to Scrum Alliance for your eligibility. Plus this also includes the $50 of yours so why to skip something you are paying for, right?


You need to take the courses which will teach and guide you efficiently for the preparation of the exam you are about to take. These are must as after the completion of them the email within 48 hours is sent to you for the details of undertaking the exam. These are also referred as CSM classes.

Online Practice-

Though the exam is pretty easy for the one who have a deep knowledge regarding the agile and better know about how to use scrum tools. You still need to take a part in online test series and lectures. Become an active member of online practice test and roll the exam.

Training Centers-

Be an active member of the training centers which is overlooked by the professionals themselves with a rigorous evaluation process by scrum alliance itself. These centers will play a vital role in teaching you the techniques and providing you with the lectures on the courses.

Guide Books-

You can purchase the guide book and learn the tricks and techniques to pass it like a pro. It’s like one of the easiest way to clear the exam.

Make notes-

Be active and actively take part in classes, make relative notes so on a exam day you are able to revise wisely with saving your time more.

What to do in failing situation-

In a case you have failed your exam in a second attempt as well, you will be asked to pay $25 to scrum alliance again.

In a Failing Situation-

With keeping this point in view, if you failed in a first attempt you can retake the exam within 60-days, again failed in the second attempt you can retake it as well but now you will have to pay an amount to enroll again.

As far as Scrum Alliance is concerned, they suggests that is advisable to re-enroll in the CSM course, if the applicant has failed thrice in the exam.

How to measure the Difficulty of the Exam-

Getting the stomach ache? Worried how much horror this small exam can bring? Take a chill pill, fellows the CSM test suggest it is the easiest exam you will ever have to encounter with if you were attentive in the class, made notes, and was active during the sessions. You can get the guide and clear the exam without even worrying anymore.

What are the Alternates of the Exam-

Though the exam itself is recognized highly in the market and considered to be easy one still you can choose the ScrumBok by PM Study but it is advised to check the cost, effort, and difficulty of attaining the certificate.

How much is the Certificate recognized-

The field of benchmarking, its knowledge and competency is wide and is finding the suitable people for it, the scrum exam withstand the market and holds its position world widely. The certificate proves how much solid grip you have over the topics and how suitable you can be.

Final thoughts-

You got it! Nothing to worry, the easiest and safest way to enter the world of agile and benchmarking is here, appear in the exam after 2 day training sessions and get the certificate worth changing life.

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