PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Study Guide

Last Updated On: February 2024

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PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Study Guide

What is the Prince2 Practitioner Exam?

The exam is about vast coverage of project management. These exams are specially built for testing how strong a grip you have in project management. Their also aim is to see how will you tackle the scenarios given according to the skills you have. Thus clearing this exam will make you stand out well and competent in the market.

What is the Prince 2 Practitioner Exam format?

The prince 2 practitioner exam is an objective testing exam that consists of 68 questions worthy of every mark means every question carries one mark. Now as Prince 2 practitioner exam is open book but only the prince 2 official manual book can be referred to, nothing else.

What is the Prince 2 Practitioner Exam requirements?

Other than showing specific types of passing proof of the exam which are mentioned below, they have not set any other kind of requirements. You need to register yourself

  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • IPMA Level A (Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B (Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C (Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D (Certified Project Management Associate)

What is the passing rate for the Prince2 Exam?

The exam board has set some details for PRINCE2 practitioner passing marks which are 55 percent which means, you need to score 38 marks out of 68 questions. This could only be achieved if you have gripped over the project management very well and have practiced it well. Other than cramming the books you should focus on the concepts and have a more critical and conceptual approach. Keep a practical approach rather than cramming stuffing your mind.

How long does it take to study for prince2 practitioner?

It depends on the person who is taking the exam and how they have designed the study plan. If you are taking a long time or less than the recommended time, it is again no issue you have to worry about. The experts state that it takes about five days to complete the Prince 2 Practitioner courses and this is a condition when you are taking the classes as the study plan.

How to plan a study schedule for the PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam?

There is always a way out for the exam preparation if you have carried out the ideal study plan for yourself. Keep in mind that these exams do not need the cramming of the syllabus but also to have a practical approach. There is a breakdown of the study plan which you can get some help in making yours;

Training courses

The registered courses are there for you to be a part of this why wait and waste on the sites and why not to avail them. The training programs or you say lectures bring the ways to solve the exam, how to study for it, how to manage the time in the exam, and how can you pass it. They also train you like a professional and saves you ample time.

Carry out the ideal study plan

The ideal study plan can be designed which will help you with studying with keeping your job alive. This is a professional exam and most of you are doing jobs so you need to carry out the task which is not only is time-saving but also bringing the benefits to win which you are actually learning the topics and providing a cover for the exam well. The study plan will help you use your advanced knowledge in the exam.

Design a study schedule and stick to it

Try to grasp as much as you can. You need to overlook the whole syllabus covering the subject related topics. When you are taking classes make sure to make the notes and ask away the questions in your mind. The only way to win is to stay loyal to your study plan and never overdoing for yourself.

Connection with Prince Exams Community

The only possible way to take control over is by staying connected to the Prince 2 Community and update yourself with the things they are providing, never miss the chance of webinars and lectures they are providing because this all s a part of the courses you have paid for. So love the money you are paying and make it worth every penny.

Practice in test series

After the studying trail is over try to focus on more of the exams that are designed for the online tests series. This way you can see the standing yours. Plus try to best score in these series dos on the exam day you know what to do and manage the time well.

How important are the Prince 2 Practitioner Exam online classes?

Some prefer studying on their own without attending any training course for all of the PRINCE2 certifications but it is advised to take the classes so you not only solve the queries coming in your mind but also know how the exam will be coming and how to save time. The deals for these are mentioned on the official website and you can choose any course of your liking.

Does prince2 expire?

Your PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate is valid for three years, at the end of which you will need to either re-sit the Practitioner exam or maintain your certificate through a subscription to My PRINCE2.

What is the cost of the Prince2 Practitioner Exam?

As it is already mentioned that there are two types of exams which are included inside the Practitioner. It solely depends on you which one suits you well. The one is the 5th edition and the other is the 6th edition which has different prices.

What comes after the prince2 practitioner?

If you are a project manager already and got the Prince 2 practitioner exam certificate, now you can get the exam of PMP which is more advanced. This will not only help you in gaining more of the work and income but will also be beneficial for your profile.

Is the prince2 Practitioner exam difficult?

The objective is to check on your abilities of how you apply the specific exam knowledge you giving in real-life projects. It is a difficult and tricky exam, but if you choose to prepare well and let your experience talk with the objective testing format, you will be having a strong grip and more chances of passing the exam as a success.

What is the validity time for the certification?

Ideally, these exams stay valid for a maximum of three years but still, you can renew it, all you need is to either retake the Practitioner exam or maintain your certificate through a subscription to My PRINCE2. This way you keep your profile updated in the market and your value keeps standing, you can have more experienced jobs.

What happens when you fail the Prince2 Practitioner Exam?

The situation with regards to those who have failed the exam they must be re-taking it as quickly as possible and to get all prepared. This time it will be much easy for you because you have been there for the first time and you already are fresh on knowledge thus, it is advised for you to take the exam within a short period before it gets late and more chances of failing become more visible.

Do you have to repay the fee if you fail the exam?

If you fail the exam and wanted to re-take it, sadly you will have to repay the whole amount again and for every time you fail it. Some courses are providing a pass guarantee which means if the candidate fails, they will pay for the second try. Now you see, you need to put in a little more effort because failing can bring you more of the cost.

Are there any alternates to the exam?

Yes there are many exams which were top-rated for the project management but then again the standing internationally depends, the cost, time, and the procedures will make you stand out which one is good, here is a list for them;

• Associate in Project Management.

• BVOP Certified Project Manager.

• Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).

• Certified Project Director.

• Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP).

• Certified Project Manager (CPM).

• Certified Scrum Master (CSM).

• CompTIA Project+

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