PRINCE2 Exam Study Guide

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PRINCE2 Exam Study Guide

What is the Prince2 exam?

The exam is about vast coverage of project management. PRINCE2 certification guides you to blend in the structure, governance, and control methods, techniques, and approaches, describing the seven principles, the seven themes, and the seven processes, covering the seven number series.

What is the PRINCE2 exam format?

The prince 2 exam is an objective testing exam that consists of 60 questions worthy of every mark means every question carries one mark. Now as Prince 2 exam is not open book, sadly closed boo exam thus, be more practiced and disciplined in the exam.

Syllabus covered in Exam

There is no methodology specified for the Prince 2 exam passing and no there is no such specified syllabus but in order to clear the exam, you need a vast knowledge of project management and its series covering the subject. All the Prince certificates are about project management.

How many languages are available for this exam?

The sponsored languages PRINCE2 certificate allows are English, German, Polish, Norwegian, and Dutch. It solely depends on you in which language you are willing to take the exam. There is an option for this part in the application form. This means still you need to choose a single language. You cannot choose to give a half paper in one language and the other half in another language but instead, you should choose the language for the complete exam or the paper.

What is the passing rate for the Prince2 Exam?

The exam board has set some details for PRINCE2 passing marks which are 50 percent which means, you need to score 35 marks out of 70 questions. This could only be achieved if you have gripped over the project management very well and have practiced it well. Other than cramming the books you should focus on the concepts and have a more critical and conceptual approach.

What are the exam requirements?

The prerequisite certification requirements for the Prince 2 exam include, Foundations basic course that’s the important course you should have completed or have chosen in order to it in the exam. As per experts’ advice, it is favorable to have a great knowledge of project management, and lastly knowing the methods of the Prince 2 exam.

How to carry out the PRINCE2 Exam Preoperational schedule?

Take the training course

The titled and registered courses are there for you to be a part of this why wait and waste on the sites and why not to avail them. The training programs or you say lectures bring the ways to solve the exam, how to study for it, how to manage the time in the exam, and how can you pass it. They also train you like a professional and saves you ample time.

A study plan for yourself

The ideal study plan can be designed which will help you with studying in job mode. This is a professional exam and most of you are doing jobs so you need to carry out the task which is not only is time-saving but also bringing the benefits win which you are actually learning the topics and providing a cover for the exam well.

Study schedule and adhere to it

Try to grasp as much as you can. You need to overlook the whole syllabus covering the subject related topics. When you are taking classes make sure to make the notes and ask away the questions in your mind. The only way to win is to stay loyal to your study plan and never overdoing for yourself.

Connection with Prince2 Community

The only possible way to take control over is by staying connected to the Prince 2 Community and update yourself with the things they are providing, never miss the chance of webinars and lectures they are providing because this all s a part of the courses you have paid for. So love the money you are paying and make it worth every penny.

Practice exam series

After the studying trail is over try to focus on more of the exams that are designed for the online tests series. This way you can see the standing yours. Plus try to best score in these series dos on the exam day you know what to do and manage the time well.

How many hours do you have to study for the Prince2 Exam?

The ideal time for many students after a study of various reports, it is shown that they take around three days to three months to complete a PRINCE2 project management qualification.

If you are planning to take the PRINCE2 combined course, it requires more time which can be something around five days to six months to complete their qualification.

The exam study time ideally depends on the person who is taking it plus on the courses you have to choose. So relax if you are taking less or more time. It depends on you how you grasp things.

What is the cost of the Prince 2 Exam?

The only way to know the accurate rate for the courses and exam is by following the official site of the exam, the link to its original and authentic site is below;

How difficult is the prince2 Foundation exam?

Relax a little cause why to hype for something before you even now, right? Well, the exam is not likely to be called difficult but yes it can be a little tricky, as it is more of a professional exam you need to be able to answer the practical questions. The best thing is nothing comes out of the Prince 2 manual so better you get one and remember it with heart.

For how long does the certification stay valid?

Ideally, these exams stay valid for a maximum of three years but still, you can renew it, all you need is to either retake the Practitioner exam or maintain your certificate through a subscription to My PRINCE2. This way you, choose the best choice for you, you can keep up with the exam so you still have a solid grip on the market.

Are these exams accredited?

Yes, not to linger on the nerves anymore, feel free to take the exam, they are worth any money you have invested in plus they have an international image. You have a safe entry into the field of project management after the clearance of the exam.

What to do if you fail the exam?

They offer the My Prince Insurance which clearly means you will be able to retake the exam on the same public course. If you fail the same exam three times, they will refund your course fee.

Though many people do pass the exam on their first attempt so do you can, all you need is vast coverage over project management and keep your experience alive and seek the practical approach in the exam.

Is having prince2 certification useful?

The most valid reason for getting a PRINCE2 qualification is to treat yourself to the best dream jobs and enjoy the facilities. It is worth every effort you put in a four day course in order to have a safe entry for your career and open many opportunities.

Are there any alternates to the exam?

Yes there are many exams which were top rated for the project management but then again the standing internationally depends, the cost, time, and the procedures will make you stand out which one is good, here is a list for them;

  • Associate in Project Management.
  • BVOP Certified Project Manager.
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM).
  • Certified Project Director.
  • Certified Project Management Practitioner (CPMP).
  • Certified Project Manager (CPM).
  • Certified Scrum Master (CSM).
  • CompTIA Project+
  • Master Project Manager (MPM).
  • PRINCE2 Foundation/PRINCE2 Practitioner.
  • Professional in Project Management (PPM).
  • Project Management in IT Security (PMITS).
  • Project Management Professional (PMP).

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