Microsoft Exam Study Guide

Last Updated On: November 2023

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Microsoft Exam Study Guide

Microsoft Certification Online Exam Requirements

This exam comes along the easy way and not specific detailed requirements but if you are to take the exam the network you are taking from will be checked. This is the only requirement that will be asked to fill. Other than this you can take the exam from home or the office, it is an exam based online.

What is the Microsoft Exam format?

The exam contains different portions covering the sites of vast Microsoft and each section contains some questions such as OS Microsoft 365 Apps and Office, each exam has 50 minutes to solve, Word related section has 35 Questions, Excel contains 35 Questions, and lastly, questions from the PowerPoint are 35.

What should be inside your Study plan?

The majority of the people chooses to opt for planning their study guides but for the easier ways here are some breakdowns which will help you in gripping over the exam more like a pro;

Go through guides

Start the studying by reading about the exam through articles or the guides available online and even on the official site of Microsoft. This will help you grabbing over the exam more and make it easy in passing it. The articles will make you understand the exam complicity through the eye of others and experts in this matter. The guidelines also play a vital role when it comes to how to solve the exam.

Purchase the Books

There are many books which are available online for free of cost as well on payments, it depends on you how you are thinking to plan it out. Purchasing the books not only will help you out in passing the exam but instead will help you in your professional life as well. The books cover vast knowledge on Microsoft and thus have practice exams and exercises as well.

Video tutorials

Try to take online video tutorials to have lectures regarding the subjects. This is how you can clear your queries and concepts more. These tutorials do not restrict you to take them at a specific time thus you can study for the exam anytime you feel like.

Purposed courses

Online you can find many courses which are specially designed for this exam and with proper keywords you can find these. This is purposed designed courses for detailing directly to Microsoft topics such as PowerPoint, word, excel, and lastly the apps. Have a briefing on every topic through these courses.

Instructor Training

Now comes when you have done the book and course reading and learning, you need some experts guiding you not only how to attempt the exam but instead clearing the concepts of yours. This also will help you get a view of the exams and how to answer them correctly through an expert eye. There are record lectures or even live lectures that you can add to your study plan. The choice is yours how you look forward to the planning part.

Test series

After the preparation part has been done, you need to test your skills more and more and to keep the confidence more take part in online series of exams and tests which can be sponsored or non-sponsored ones. Keep the exam score more in these exams so you can easily score a safe rate in the actual exam.

Ideal study time

This portion depends on the person who is studying for but it is suggested to study for 4 to 12 hours per day for the course completion.

What if I FAIL an exam?

Failing a Microsoft certification exam is very popular among the majority of people, it is a difficult exam to pass. Do not worry or be afraid of failing. It is very common for people to fail many times in the same exam before they pass it.

Try to seek the review report of the exam if you fail it, this way you can see your limits and learn which areas need more of the focus.

Keep in mind that this exam is costly and thus every time you fail the exam you will need to repay the whole cost again. You are allowed to take exam 3 times but if you keep on failing this will cost you around 4 exams in a row which means it is again a hustle.

What is a passing score for the Microsoft certification exam?

There is a passing score that ranges from 700. Let us tell you more about the details of this one. This means if the score is above 700 you are pass but if your score is less than 700 then you are considered to be failed. On a scale of one to a hundred, you must stand between 70 at least to clear the exam.

What happens if you fail a Microsoft exam more than once?

If you are to fail the exam more than once then you have to wait for the next two days to take it again which means waiting for the next 48 hours. This happens every time you fail an exam. This period is imposed in every failing situation. Plus you will have to repay every time you tend to fail the exam. So be more practiced and know the key points to pass it in the first go.

How difficult Microsoft certification exams are?

The exam is well known for its difficulty and many people who are even expert are not able to answer the questions which are concepts of Microsoft. The rating shows that majority of people failed the exams on a first attempt. So you better be prepared for the exam day well and practice more. Keep a focus on more of the concepts rather than cramming the books.

Is our Microsoft certification worth it?

Microsoft Certification helps you stand out in the companies and from the people without it. Even if they are costly they still are worth the cost. They make you worth the market. Keeping in mind if you own the Microsoft certificates you will easily have a safe entry into the market and big companies. So what are you waiting for?

Does Microsoft certification expire over time?

Need not worry about the certificate if they are going to lose their importance in the market. Well, it will only expire when the old version has been replaced with it. But still, on the safer hand, they will be valid as your job references or preferences.

How do you check if you are Microsoft certified?

Follow the steps to download the certificates of yours;

  • Sign up to the member site you will have access to when you register yourself.
  • Then you will see your dashboard page.
  • There will be a certificates corner on your dashboard.
  • From there you can choose which certificate you want to download and there we go, done!

How long are Microsoft certifications valid for?

There is no limit to when the Microsoft certificates get nonvalid and nothing to worry about for this point. Take the exam and get going to places in the future. Once you have earned the certificate you can easily now apply to the companies covering the sites of Microsoft related jobs. There is no time expiration limit for the certificates.

What is the price of the Microsoft Exam?

The original price for the exams which are sponsored by Microsoft is the link below. There are many kinds of certificates for which you can apply now and move places in the future.

Are there any alternates for this exam?

As there is no other than the Microsoft software’s then there are also not any other exams related to them. You need to be more careful if you are taking the exam, you should register with the officials because these exams might have some scams which will be an issue for you.

What is the time given to solve the exam?

Every exam has its different number of questions and every exam has its time limit. Generally, there are 44 to 60 questions and the time limit ranges from 100 to 180 minutes.

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