Firefighter Exam Practice Tests Plus+

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Last Updated: June 2024


1. Fire Science and Behavior:
-Understanding fire behavior, combustion, and fire dynamics.
-Knowledge of fire spread, heat transfer, and fire extinguishing methods.

2. Firefighting Techniques and Procedures:
-Familiarity with firefighting equipment, tools, and techniques.
-Incident command systems and emergency response protocols.
-Fireground operations, search and rescue, ventilation, and forcible entry.

3. Fire Prevention and Safety:
-Fire prevention strategies, fire codes, and safety regulations.
-Hazard identification and mitigation.
-Community education and fire safety programs.

4. Emergency Medical Services (EMS):
-Basic understanding of medical emergencies and first aid.
-Handling medical incidents during firefighting operations.

5. Building Construction and Materials:
-Knowledge of different building types, construction materials, and structural stability.
-How building design impacts firefighting tactics.

6. Fire Service Organization and Administration:
-Understanding fire department structure, roles, and responsibilities.
-Personnel management, leadership, and teamwork.

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