Everything you need to know about the US real estate licensing exam

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Everything you need to know about the US real estate licensing exam-

What is the US real estate licensing exam about?

If diving deep into this sector, the real estate agent, or anyone to work legally, need a license. There is an exam for this field as well. To become more successful and lucrative get the official license by your state simply bypassing the exam. This opens the opportunity for one to cover the vast site of real estate agencies and by fully filling the requirements you can easily pass the exam.

Here is the furthermore break down of what exactly the exam is;

The essentials

Wondering if you need some very high qualification, well no, you can apply for it even if you have a basic high school diploma. You will have to enroll yourself in the pre-licensing school for learning and practicing the exam.

Exam subjects

As the real estate license covers deep research and knowledge, there are many topics you must know and have researched and well-known information about them;

• Fair housing laws.

• Public land-use laws.

• Leasing.

• Mortgages.

• Taxes and assessments.

• Closings.

• Review of real estate math.

• Law of the agency.

• Interests, estates, and ownership.

These topics should have your solid grip and you must know them very well, as the exam covers these topics. It could be a golden opportunity for you to enter a new field and become a man of dreams.

What is inside the exam?

The exam format is to be considered much more trouble free but with a vast coverage of the real estate. The general style of the exam is considered to have around 80 to 100 questions covering the real estate agent concepts and around 60 to 80 questions covering the site of specific licensing laws.

There are considered to be two parts of the exam which both are to be passed by the competing candidate.

What is Exam completion time?

The time provided for the completion solely depends on the state you are taking the exam in, as the standard set is anywhere between three hours and fifteen minutes to complete the actual exam. Some states do give little less tie or little more time.

What are eligibility requirements for the exam?

Though there are no settled requirements for checking in the estate license it could differ from state to state. The common requirements can be like;

• Pre-licensing coursework.

• Paperwork, which can be a little frustrating as they require a lot of work.

• Background checking, in order to get into this field one, needs to have a clean past.

• Fingerprinting.

• A very must thing which is required by you is managing broker.

What are the US real estate licensing exam requirements?

The point to look at is, their exams are computerized and is divided into two parts;

• A national part on general practices of real estate.

• A state-specific section.

If you are to pass these two portions of the exam, now you are eligible for processing the application.

What is the Application process?

In order to function your application, you should have passed the real estate license exam and have met all the requirements. You must follow the deadlines for no future issues and missing the opportunity plus remember to attach a proof of Errors and omissions insurance before you process to apply.

How to study for US real estate licensing exam?

The study material or the plan you need to carry out must solely depend on how you want to do things.

Here are some breakdowns for making it easy and convenient for you to understand the study plan;

Getting to know the course

First to get to know the schedule of the exam will help you make control the exam properly. Know the field you are applying for. There are online free classes as well offered by others to prepare you for it.

Pre-license classes

As you submit an application form for registering yourself, you will be asked to join the online classes conducted by the real estate license official website. Make sure you make solid notes out of them and have a clean entry pass for the exam.

Knowing the real estate listings

In total there are 6 major areas which are covered by the field itself, you should have a deep knowledge of them on your big day.

Practical question preparation

The topics like practice and disclosures are more likely to come in the exam which requires your practical knowledge in it. The study guides will navigate the requirements for you.

Online testing series

After the completion of the study material and reading the guides properly, you are advised to take some part in online testing series which will prepare you more for the exam day.

Keep your confidence maintained

The only way to pass any exam is to believe in yourself firmly, and knowing that you have enough of the preparation or the exam.

Ideal study time for the exam

When it comes to studying for the exam, it should stay up to the person how much they would like to study for and what are the aims to cover, but if looking into the ideal time which you can follow is anywhere from 60 to 100 hours but depends on your individual timeline and ability to complete coursework.

What is the pricing of the exam?

To learn more about the pricing procedures and discounts, visit the link given below,


What if you fail the exam?

If you fail the first time you can still retake it and there is no restriction to how many times you can take it again and again. Well, it can be within a few days but you will have to fill the payment again for the test.

What is the passing percentage?

Well to look into this exam it is considered to be easy and thus, the passing rate is something like 70% to 75%. The majority of the students pass the exam with a 90% score, so you can as well.

How to attempt the exam?

The very important thing which needs your attention is, that if you do not know the answer to the exam and leaves it empty this will count against you as it is a multiple choice question so you need to answer them all without leaving them. Keeping in mind that you will be wasting your time over the difficult part of questions, do not waste it there, leave the questions, attempt the rest and then come back to as the system allows you to access unanswered questions.

Why exam is important?

The reason why you need a license for this work is that it is the most requested field in the market, and to carry out legal work you need the authentic license to become an agent or a broker. Without the clearance of the exam, no one would work with you or make you their agents.

How much is the exam recognized industrially?

It is the legal way to enter the world of real estate and it is the most recognized exam held nationwide. So you do not have to worry if it will help you or not, it is worth every penny you give.

Is exam really difficult to pass?

It really depends on the person and how they take the exam. Though experts state that it is a simple exam you can carry out with the proper guidance and the preparations. The passing rate also shows how unchallenging it is for a single person.

What are the possible job opportunities after the exam?

Out there are many job options available for you after the clearance of the exam, one can opt to become a broker or an agent, you can become a private agent for it, or can work under some agency. It is your own choice of what you want after taking the exam.

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