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What is the Exam format?
You might be thinking that the GMAT exam will drain your energy and exhaust you up but it is not true. Take a deep breath because you are going to ace this exam through simple tips and tricks. If you have common information about basic algebra, arithmetic, geometry, and multi-source analysis, congratulations because you are all set to pass the exam!
The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a standardized exam that tests your basic critical thinking skills, problem-solving strategies, and written material analysis. If you hit the passing score, you become eligible and set the standard for management programs. If you want to upgrade your business school journey, the GMAT is the best choice for you. Clearing this test will secure your admission to the MBA program of top universities.
The exam format is divided into four sections and is composed of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The first section is composed of an analytical writing assessment. The second and third sections include integrated and quantitative reasoning respectively. The last section has questions related to verbal reasoning. For the convenience of the students, two optional breaks are arranged between these sections. Above all, 3 ½ hours are given for completing the test which is ample time, right? The exam is available online as well as in person. You can choose the option that suits you perfectly.
The best part about this exam is that upon arriving at the test center, the examiner provides you with the flexibility to choose from three options for your exam section’s order. Cool enough?
What are the eligibility requirements?
Although, GMAT is the most professional and easy exam for business management some eligibility requirements need to be fulfilled beforehand. These are:
• The age criteria for GMAT states that the candidate has completed at least 18 years of age. All the candidates above this age are eligible for the exam. There is no upper age limit. If you are a student falling between 13 to 17 years of age, worry not, because you can still appear in the exam with the written permission from your parents or legal guardian.
• There is no specific qualification degree required for GMAT, however, if you are planning to enroll in MBA after the GMAT exam, we recommend you to get a graduate degree from any renowned university (in any discipline). This will give you a major advantage over other students.
• No national boundaries are required for any candidate. You can appear in the exam, no matter which part of the world you belong to!
These are simple eligibility requirements and you can easily secure your seat for the GMAT! Don’t wait around if you are fulfilling these prerequisites.
What is the enrollment procedure for the exam?
Here comes the main part. Breathe a sigh of relief because we have a piece of good news for you. No fancy work is required for appearing in the exam! All you have to do is to log in to the official website of the Graduate Management Aptitude Council, click on the tab that has “GMAT” written over it, select the “register” option, and then select the “exam option”. Further two options will appear and it is completely up to you if you want to take the exam in an exam center or want to give it online. Choose as per your convenience.
That’s all! You are done.
Click on this link and follow the steps mentioned above.
What is the passing rate?
The GMAT has a total score of 800. It is marked in categories and sections ranging from 200 to 800. According to the experts, a score between 650 and 680 is relatively good. A score that is equal to 700 or exceeds 700 is considered a great one. You are in safe hands if you have the basic knowledge of algebra, math, and geometry. Your critical thinking skills are your plus points. Don’t forget that!
Don’t worry at all because you can clear this exam like a pro by reading our study guide below.
What is the pricing system?
The pricing system varied for different exam centers but we assure you that it is pretty affordable. You can pay the exam fees in the comfort of your home through a master, debit, or credit card. Click on the link below and visit the GMAT location-specific pricing and regulations. All the details are mentioned.
Exam cost
All the details of the pricing systems and exam costs are available on the website. The best part is that GMAT cares for the candidates and offers exam vouchers and discounts. This varies from student to student. Try your luck by visiting the website below. We are sure you will find something suitable and affordable for you.
How much is the preparation time required?
Since GMAT tests basic knowledge since some time is required for preparing for the exam. This preparation time varies from person to person. The exam is computer-adaptive and deals with analysis. The GMAT aspirants state that almost 2 to 3 months are required for preparing the test with almost 100 to 120 hours spent on reviewing the materials. Even if you haven’t got that much time, you can still crack the codes by following the comprehensive studying techniques. How much time is needed to prepare for a particular section? This depends upon your specific conditions. You know what to focus on and you got this!
Here’s a pro tip for you: study on daily basis. This is the key to passing the exam.
What exam is based on?
The GMAT is the most important tool in the business world. This exam deals with the basic knowledge of multi-source data, grammar, algebra, and math. The test is super easy because instead of following the cramming pattern, it analyzes your ability to solve problems, reasoning techniques, and critical thinking abilities. You are on the top of your game if you know how to reason and analyze the information being provided to you.
What can be the exam preparation style?
All the victorious GMAT candidates suggest the following preparation style:
Tons of courses from the best professors across the world are available on the GMAT website. Some of them are free while some others require a little number of registration fees. Enroll yourself in these courses to maximize the results. The tips and tricks shared by professors and other successful candidates will help you to clear your exam.
Group study
You and your friend are on the same page? That’s great! Make flow charts, ask each other questions, study together. This will clear your concepts beyond your expectations.
Practice past GMAT exams
This is the key!! Practicing past papers will not only give you an idea about syllabus proportion but will also help you to manage your time accordingly. A win-win situation.
Make notes
When you are attending the courses or going to any coaching center, don’t forget to make notes. This will help you to revise important topics for exams in a short time yet comprehensively.
Make a study schedule and follow it religiously
No matter how much time is left, making a schedule and sticking to it will help you clear your exam. Follow this timetable and try to study on daily basis. Don’t forget to give yourself some treats in between!
What to do in a failing situation?
Keep your spirits high while appearing for the exam. Even if due to any reason, you are unable to clear the exam, don’t get worried at all because you can appear in the GMAT exam as many times as you want. You can retake the GMAT exam once every 16 calendar days. All the fees for retest are mentioned on the official website.
How to measure the difficulty of the exam?
Are you worried about the difficulty level of the GMAT? You need to relax because this exam is not at all difficult. It is not strenuous or exhausting as compared to other exams. Here’s why, it only requires a broad knowledge of problem-solving strategies, written analysis, arithmetic, and algebra. Clearing the exam requires dedication, sharp analyzing skills, focus, and dedication. If you have these qualities in you, you are all set for clearing the exam. Don’t think much about difficulty level, just follow the syllabus ratio of sections, and voila, you are done!
How much is the certificate recognized?
The GMAT is the fastest-growing tool in the business world. Not just as a test but also as a means of improving and comprehending your knowledge. There are tremendous advantages of giving the test. Foremost being the gateway that it provides to MBA programs of prestigious universities (all around the world). Definitely worth the money and effort! Along with that, business schools worldwide rely on this test. It increases your knowledge and analyzing skills whilst securing your admission side-by-side. Safe to say that the value addition brought by GMAT in a candidate’s life is both qualitative and quantitative.

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