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What is the exam format?
Are you looking forward to attaining a security license in Ireland? Or are you willing to pave a path for your career in the security field? Whatever the answer is, let us assure you that you have landed at the correct place! The Ireland Security Exam is conducted yearly to help people attain licenses and excel in other security fields.
This exam is conducted through The Security Institute based in Ireland, which is the security regulator. The format and syllabus of the exam are comparatively very easy and are designed keeping in mind the convenience of the candidates. The exam follows a proctored format and is comprised of multiple-choice questions (MCQs). All of these questions deal with basic skills and are very easy to clear. The exam is usually performance-based meaning that it tests your ability to solve problems in stimulating situations. It deals with communication skills, personal as well as customer care, attitude, and behavior needed to exhibit in difficult situations.
To summarize, it will provide you with a license to practice any job related to security in Ireland. Be it a door supervisor, security guard, or any private investigator, this is the perfect stop for you to attain the license and practice legally. Along with the license, it also broadens your knowledge and provides you with the essential skills to take care of yourself and others around you.
Usually, 90 MCQs are given in the exam and the passing rate is low too so you can ace this exam without any worries. The time allotted for solving the exam is 90 minutes. As we have mentioned before, the MCQs usually deal with basic skills so the time limit and the difficulty level aren’t a problem.
Here is a point that needs to be noted. The number of MCQs may vary for different posts in the security field. But worry not because you are given access to the syllabus and format once you register yourself in the desired field.
What are the eligibility requirements?
Thinking about who is eligible for the exam? You are a few steps away from attaining your dream job and are currently thinking about eligibility criteria. We have sorted it out for you and there is surprisingly a piece of good news for you too.
• You are all set for the job if you have reached the age of 18.
• Breathe in a sigh of relief because no graduate degree is required for appearing in this exam. Just a high-school diploma is enough.
• Even if you don’t have that, it’s completely okay. No particular requirements are mentioned on the website. However, it is essential to pass identity and criminal record checks.
• You are encouraged to apply for this exam if you have basic safety knowledge, you can work independently as well as in a team. Along with that you have critical thinking skills and are aware of problem solving-strategies.
The eligibility requirements make more or less anyone appropriate for this exam. No strenuous eligibility prerequisites are allowed, so apply freely.
What is the enrollment procedure for the exam?
No fussy work is required for the enrollment procedure. To attain the license and pass the Ireland Security Exam, all you have to is to visit the website mentioned below. Register yourself, make an account, and voila, you are done! As simple as that.
All the enrollment requirements are listed on the website. Just visit it and make an account to keep yourself updated with all the important dates and courses.
The application forms are also available on the left side of the above-mentioned website.
What is the passing rate?
Are you worried about clearing the test? Well, quit worrying right now because the test has a surprisingly low passing rate. Anyone having basic safety and security knowledge, analytical thinking, and good communication skills can clear this exam like a pro. Yes, you heard that right!
No specific percentage is declared on the website as the passing score. However, to be on the safe side we suggest you to at least score 50% in the exam to become eligible for the license.
What is the pricing system?
The contractor fees are different depending upon new entrants, test retakes, or even the ones who want to renew the license. Special discount bundles are also available on the website. The fees are composed of two components: an administration fee and a turnover fee. We suggest you visit the website to obtain the maximum advantage from discount offers and exam vouchers. The link is mentioned below:
Exam cost
The fee is divided into two components depending upon how many categories you wish to apply. All the fees have to be paid via electronic funds transfer. For the ease of students, the Ireland Security Exam exhibits several discount offers. Don’t wait around and avail this opportunity as soon as possible, by clicking on the link given below:
Head over to the website if you want more information on how the electronic funds transfer works.
What exam is based on?
The Ireland Security Exam deals with a vast range of security ranks including static security guards, security officers, CCTV installers, access controllers, and private investigators. The sections for these exams as well as the mode of preparation are different. The exam deals with basic knowledge about safety and security protocols, law enforcement tactics, and legal knowledge. Mentioning again that only basic information is enough in these disciples is enough for you to rock the exam! The process of securing the Ireland Security Exam is very flexible.
How much is the preparation time required?
Instead of thinking about how much is the preparation time required to prepare for this exam, focus on how you can make the most out of the available time. No special educational requirements are required for clearing the security exam so you can personalize the preparation schedule at your convenience. However, reading something related to the syllabus on daily basis is highly recommended.
What can be the exam preparation style?
Here comes the main part. The preparation style matters a lot in every exam. This sets the tone for your success or failure. Here are some tested tips and tricks from successful aspirants that can help you to achieve your goals.
Enroll in online courses
This is the key element in acing the exam. The fee for these teaching courses is included in the registration fee. If you are paying for the registration fees, you should enroll in these courses and take advantage. The tips and tricks taught in these courses will be your tools for success.
Practice MCQs
What exactly is the learning process without practice? Nothing.
Practicing MCQs and performance-based questions that have been asked in the previous papers will help you take control of the time. Moreover, it also provides an estimate that how many questions are asked from which section. Thus, making it a win-win situation.
Tons of past exams are available online so go for them!
Watch emergency handling videos on YouTube
Analyzing critical situations will help you to stand out among other students. To improve your systemic and inquisitive approach watch emergency handling videos on YouTube. 10/10 recommended.
Make your notes
Fellas, this is important. If you take an online course or go to any training center, having your hand-written notes will help you immensely in the revision process. Along with that, writing things down also helps you to clear your concepts.
Attend any training program
Attend training programs is solely based upon your personal choice. Many successful aspirants take classes and you can learn so much from them. Utilize this time effectively if you want to clear the exam.
What to do in a failing situation?
First of all, make up your mind for clearing the test. Ireland Security Exam is way too easy and you should have high hopes for yourself. Having faith in yourself is the first step towards the road to success. If by any means, you are unable to clear the test then don’t worry at all. You can retake the exam at your timely convenience. The cost for reappearing for the exam has been clearly stated on the website.
How to measure the difficulty level of the exam?
Let us assure you that appearing in the Ireland Security Test exam will not get you on your knees at all! Breathe in a sigh of relief because this is a very simple test that just revolves around basic safety protocols and security information. You will pass the exam with flying colors if you follow the study guide described above. Unclench your jaw, relax and take it easy because you got this.
How much is the certificate recognized?
Clearing this exam will open doors of success for you in all the security fields. Above all, it will provide you with the license and legal opportunity to practice anywhere that you want. Safe to say that security workers get decent salaries and may also get exponential growth rates depending upon their work ethics. Clear Ireland Security Exam as soon as possible to unlock all these advantages and to elevate your living standards.

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