Certified International Supply Chain Professional (CISCP) Exam

Last Updated On: November 2023

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This is the certification program of the International Purchasing and Supply Chain Management Institute. The program offers CISCP entry-level and CISCM advanced level to candidates who have basics understanding of the profession and express it through successful completion of professional certification exams based on the International Supply Chain Management Body of Knowledge.

1.     Is CSCP certification worth it?

People with CSCP certification earn an average of 21% more than their CSCP-free peers. So in comparison, 62.6% of certified supply chain professionals have high hiring potential.

2.     How much does the CSCP exam cost?

The total cost for the CSCP exam is $1,807, and if you have basic knowledge before taking the test, it can be less than $1,000. The most expensive professional enrollment costs $200, you have to sign up for APICS membership. This exam costs $725 for non-members and $525 for members. For more, check it out: https://www.ascm.org/learning-development/certifications-credentials/cscp/

3.     What are the best jobs in the supply chain?

High-paying careers for supply chain management are:

  • Vice President, Supply Chain Management 
  • Global Supply Chain Management 
  • Logistics Manager 
  • Supply Chain Manager 
  • Global Commodities Director
  • Purchasing Manager 
  • Strategic Sourcing Manager

4.     How long it takes to prepare for the CSCP exam?

Preparation of CSCP depends on your basic knowledge in supply chain management and your learning abilities. Generally, recommend study time is 150 hours over 4-6 months.

5.     Is CSCP better than CPIM?

CPIM focuses on knowledge of production and inventory management within the organization.  APICS CSCP candidates learn to streamline production and costs reduction by looking across the supply chain and outside of internal operations. The CISCP candidate must pass one exam.

6.     How much money can a CSCP make?

As of January 27, 2021, the average annual salary for CSCP in the United States is $51,826 a year.

7.     How many CSCP exams are there?

To achieve a CSCP position, you are required to pass one exam consisting of three modules. Each module reflects important areas in the supply chain.

8.     How much do supply chain majors make?

The supply chain has an 85% to 100% undergraduate placement rate, compared to finance and accounting majors’ graduates are accepting basic salaries. The average salary for undergraduates is $53,584, and top students are commanding a premium of $25,000 or more.

9.     How do I get a CSCP certificate?

For eligibility in the CSCP exam, you must have at least one of the following: three years of business experience, bachelor’s degree or international equivalent, or an active CPIM, CPIMF, CIRM, SCORP, CPM, CPSM, CTL, or CLTD certification.

10.    How long does it take to study supply chain management?

You can complete an associate’s degree in supply chain management in just two years and start working in entry-level jobs; most supply chain management professionals go to school longer and graduate with a bachelor even a master’s degree.

11.    What does a supply chain professional do?

The supply chain manager struggles to keep costs down and reduce shortages. A supply chain manager oversee operations through ship and warehouse arrangements; the job is not just about logistics and purchasing inventory.

12.    How much money can a supply chain manager make?

The average salary of a supply chain manager is $81,439.

13.    What are the benefits of CISCP?

  • CISCP helps you learn to promote productivity, collaboration, and innovation.
  • Assists to discover how inventory, productivity, and bottom line profits can be positively impacted.
  • CISCP helps to understand managing the coordination and integration of activities to achieve low costs and increase customer service efficiency.
  • CISCP assists in learning managing supply chain activities worldwide effectively.
  • It helps to gain confidence, peer and industry recognition.
  • With CISCP candidate enjoys the income growth and potential for career advancement.

14.    What are the requirements to apply for CISCP?

For CISCP certification program:

  • Candidates must complete eight learning modules.
  • The candidate must attend 24 guided learning hours.
  • Successful completion of online exam

Applicants are eligible to apply to the CISCP program:

  • They must have up to 3 years of working experience
  • Associate level degree from a reputed university
  • Application form filled and signed

15.    How are CISCP exams held?

Certification program completion requires the completion of several multiple-choice examinations. This exam is prepared by the board of examiners, consisting of certified and educator members.

16.    What are the professional designations of CISCP?

CISCP or CISCM are given to successful candidates and are in the same way as recognitions are employed in other professions. Full impressions or initials can be used after the person’s name, business cards etc.

17.    What is the time limitation for CISCP?

Many applicants are employed full-time and are limited in time to prepare for such exams. Candidates lose the concept and content of the examination program. Therefore, to accept the requirements to be completed for each of the three levels, the examiners’ board has set a time limit of five years. The five-year term begins after the successful completion of the first exam.

18.    How is CISCP increase earning potential?

The candidates who are certified with CISCP certification are eligible to transfer themselves to higher management positions. From the position of manager, the candidate upgrades himself to become the enterprise head. Thus, CISCP certification enables professionals to advance in the career ladder.

19.    What are the modules in CISCP?

CISCP covers basic supply chain management terms. It describes the functions of supply chain management and logistics, supply chain design, supply chain decisions, global supply chain, and virtual supply chain. The relationship between the supply chain/logistics strategy and organizational structure is also covered, and the influence of organizational structure on performance. The CISCP certification program includes seven modules and a multiple-choice exam of 80 questions developed by the ISCMBK. Candidates can complete the module in any order.

20.    What are the seven modules of CISCP?

Seven modules of CISCP are as follows:

•        Module one is an introduction to logistics and supply chain management.

•        Module two covers the relationship between purchasing and supply chain management.

•        Module three includes domestic and international transportation systems.

•        Module four include production planning and scheduling.

•        Module five covers inventory management and warehousing

•        Module six covers physical distribution management

•        Module seven includes logistics structure and productivity, quality management, statistical process control, e-commerce and third-party logistics.

  • What is module 1 in CISCP?

Module one covers the introduction to logistics and supply chain management

Module 1 covers basic terms, including supply chain management, distribution channel, demand management, distribution management, and logistics management.  Supply chain/logistics strategy and organizational structure relationship are also covered; organizational structure influences logistics performance and the changing shape of logistics and supply chain organizations.

22.What is module 2 in CISCP?

Module two covers relationship between purchasing and supply chain management

Module 2 covers three important areas. The first topic includes comparing transportation types for domestic and international shipments and making routing decisions based on the firm’s goals. The different terms of sale/purchase protect the firm better than what is commonly used. The consequences are affiliated with each type of logistics decision regarding cost-effectiveness and ability to meet demand.

The second topic covers purchasing management from a domestic perspective. The third topic features international purchasing focusing on the problems that cause global purchasing different from domestic purchasing.  International contract law, INCOTERMS, documents, and payments are all considered.

23.What is module 3 in CISCP?

Module three covers domestic and international transportation systems

Module 3 provides definitions of the economic and microeconomic roles of transportation, the characteristics of different modes of transportation, and the understanding of mobility economics. It covers the changing environment in which transport operates in the United States. This includes globalization and business competitiveness, competitive firms’ transportation needs, transport sector response to competition, information requirements, and data needs.

24.What is module 4 in CISCP?

Module four covers production planning and scheduling

Module 4 covers the overall approach to the manufacture of goods and services and outlines various production decisions, including capital intensity, process flexibility, vertical integration, and customer involvement. Different production methods, including project, mass, batch, and continuous, are covered in detail.

25.What is module 5 in CISCP?

Module five covers inventory management and warehousing

The module covers inventory management in detail. Features include the primary purpose of maintaining inventory and understanding the benefits and costs of inventory, customer service, and logistics, testing and measuring rationing methods and inventory performance. The warehousing is discussed in detail.

26.What is module 6 in CISCP?

Module sic covers physical distribution management

Module 6 helps students with a detailed understanding of the financial, operational, and administrative aspects of industrial equipment’s physical distribution.

27.What is module 7 in CISCP?

Module seven covers logistics structure and productivity, quality management, statistical process control, e-commerce and third-party logistics

Module 7 covers the relationship between supply chain/logistics strategy and organization structure, organizational structure influence on the supply chain, and the changing appearance of supply chain organizations.

28.Where can I register for the CISCP exam?

You can register for the CISCP exam at the official site of CISCM: https://www.ipscmi.org/cer/ciscm.php

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